Spring / Summer Staples

What ever you want to call it, we are fast approaching that time of year we all long for and love -


Living in Scotland, summer is as illusive as our national animal, the Unicorn! However it is the most important part of our year (even if we only get it for a day).

We need the perfect wardrobe for this season with our changeable weather, and trends change year by year so a whole kit out is necessary every year but stop!!! Do not go mental in April, play the long game but the smart game.

Our weather is very unpredictable so ensure you buy a few items but spread it throughout the season. Raincoats to strappy tops, shorts to jeans and blazers to bikinis - you need it all but start with the staples to save those pennies.

The staples..

1. Jeans - Jeans are the easiest way to bring an outfit together. Have some different colours and styles in your closet. They go with sneaks or heels, T's or tops.

2. Sliders -I got a pair of designer Sliders last summer, and I wore them to the point blood covered my toes thanks to their plastic design (beauty is pain and all that). But this season there are many more comfortable options with fur lining and fabric/soft design, mostly it’s about wearing them in! We have sparkle sliders, designer inspired sliders and sandals, all under £30 so you can have them all and not break the bank. Be smart, try them in store, walk around and find a few pairs that fit your style, budget and comfort levels. Even better - they double up as slippers too :) so wearable all year round.

3. T-shirts - They are massive just now. From slogan T's to embellishment, they are perfect for casual wear as well as dressing up with jeans, heels and a blazer. Long gone are the days where everyone wears a dress to go out, it’s about feeling comfortable and looking effortlessly classy. Smart/Cas is the way forward and perfect for nights out, Sunday’s seshes and midweek mischief.

4.Blazers - Big this year and multi functional. Wear them to work or dress up those jeans, T and heel combos for a night out. They cover your arms, perfect for those of us who are arm conscious, but most importantly in the UK - they give you an added layer, which you can put on if chilly or remove if too warm.

5.Shoes - Staples required are a pair of trainers, pumps, heels and wedges. Trainers if not for the gym find a pair that are comfy, trendy and go with most of your casual outfits. There are lots of designer inspired options that offer there features but wont put you on beans and toast for the next few weeks! Pumps are next, again you want them comfy and looking good so you can wear them to work or keep in your bag for when your feet get sore on a night out. If you wear a lot of black choose a pair that adds a pop of colour to your outfit, otherwise choose something quite neutral that will compliment lots of outfits. Heels - we want a heel that’s not so high you will end up in A&E at the end of the night, but high enough that it sets of those pins. Black or nude with some studs are perfect to add a little something to any outfit and again can make otherwise boring office wear more exciting. Lastly we have wedges, this are a must for those of us who are otherwise like bambi on ice in heels. They are perfect to wear to most occasions from April to October and perfect for holiday any time. You can dress up the most casual of playsuits with a pair of wedges.


We hope we will be your first stop for you SS18 staples :)